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Did you know...? Disinfection and periodic cleaning cycles includes sanitation of premises and equipment in the cooking spaces or factories in the food industry and is part of the HACCP system, including the best practices code in hygiene. Cleaning and disinfection can be considered one of the most important activities in a factory or kitchen, it’s an activity that ensure the best possible environment for the production processes and preparation of specific food. Cleaning and disinfection are activities that are generally neglected because it requires extra work and the positive effects are not immediately apparent. It should know that the lack of hygiene in factories in the food industry or in a kitchen can generate long-term financial losses. Lack of hygiene conditions lead to:
  • Products having bad scents and no taste   
  • Deterioration of food / non-food goods
  • Food poisoning

The cleaning and disinfection role is becoming increasingly important in cooking spaces or modern factories in the food industry, as it helps avoid situations when products become sensitive and perishable. Especially in food industry factories, microbial presence in perishable products must be very low in order to guarantee the shelf life indicated on the label.


Did you know...?

Selection and supply of appropriate detergents or disinfectants for cleaning requires specialist advice as cleaning and disinfection of equipment and surfaces in a kitchen or factory should be treated according to: specific activity, loads, type of equipment or the degree of contamination. Failure to use appropriate products causes: unnecessary hard work, waste of products, equipment damage and a high microbial load.

Did you know...? During the cleaning process, a large number of microorganisms (above 90%) present on objects, equipment, surfaces will be removed however if cleaning will not be done with suitable products or based on a well thought sanitation plan most microorganisms will not be completely removed and will multiply. Microorganisms will continue to multiply using the remaining proteins as a nutrient and may seriously endanger the food that is to be processed, cooked or consumed. Removing these microorganisms requires antimicrobial treatment, using professional disinfectants designed for cooking spaces and the food industry. The disinfectants are chemicals that remove microorganisms but do not affect human health and also have no corrosive effect on equipment if they are selected and applied correctly. The application is called disinfection and the term sanitation refers to the inactivation of microorganisms by applying fast and efficient cleaning products.
Did you know...?

Iduna cleaning and disinfection products were created and tested to cover all the needs of cleaning, sanitation and disinfection in the food preparation and processing industry. All products ensure rapid cleaning with minimal impact on the environment and comply with current regulations. Sales and consulting team will assist you free of charge and provide the most important information and application rules for the cleaning products in accordance to existing standards. The products are accompanied by the ISO 9001- ISO 14001- BIO CERTIFICATIONS Ministry of Health - GREEN LINE.

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We sell over 140 specialized products for different types of applications. We approach and treat each client professionally, offering products specifically designed for his activity segment.

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ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 – Green Line Standard - Quality Standard DANISH – BIO Certifications from the Ministry of Health

Out of passion and not lastly with an experience of over 10 years in consulting regarding issues of hygiene, supply of services and professional products in the FOOD INDUSTRY and the “HoReCa” (hotels, restaurants, and catering) segment, at the request of our clients we have created an operations department that provides and offers outsourced cleaning services and the best management solutions in this field.