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For more than 60 years the IDUNA brand has built a reputation based on high quality of its products and services offered to its customers. Recognized worldwide as a manufacturer with a very high environmental responsibility and commercializing a range of over 180 specialized products for different types of industries, the Iduna Company managed to make itself known and stay on top thanks to the unanimous appreciation of its clients, for the products and services offered.

Since 2005 IDUNA, using its sales and service teams, provides sales advice, professional assistance for its customers, providing products of high quality at minimum costs of use, intended to protect the employees involved in the cleaning processes and the cost of resulting from this process.

By using IDUNA products we guarantee: reducing overall costs, professional cleaning solutions - easy to use disinfection and sanitation, real-time monitoring of costs as well as a minimal impact on the environment.

In all factories we strictly comply with the technology and patents of the parent company IDUNA Denmark, thus all manufacturing processes are carefully monitored by our specialists and therefore any lot before being sold is analyzed in laboratories in Copenhagen, laboratories that are among the best in Europe and where new products are created permanently or existing ones are improved.

All our products meet the most stringent standards of quality and biodegradability, as attested by certificates ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 and GRUNNE LINIE, we are also proud to be the first manufacturer in Europe that has received ISO 14001.

Today the Iduna Group Company offers a wide range of products and especially experience accumulated over time, experience that can benefit our partners and clients.

These professional products were specifically designed to bring our customers: cheap professional solutions for cleaning, maintenance, sanitation and disinfection at a high quality.






  • Food industry - HACCP and food preparation
  • Hotels and restaurants (HO-RE-CA)
  • Professional cleaning-washing services
  • Personal Hygiene - Cleaning Companies - Offices
  • Heavy industry - CIP
  • Car wash
  • Sanitation of hospitals
  • Nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, general stores
  • Military institutions
  • Airline, railway, maritime companies (specific products)