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* We sell over 8,000 products such as: hand brushes for cleaning the equipment, brushes for the removal of deposits formed on floors, walls and ceilings in the production spaces, ultra hygienic scrapers and scrapers with interchangeable box for the removal of water from wet surfaces, cylindrical brushes for interior cleaning of ducts, window cleaning utensils, ergonomic handles made of glass fiber and polypropylene, cleaning utensils, metal detectors, brushes for cleaning outdoor spaces, professional mops, telescopic handles cleaning high spaces etc.


* HILL BRUSH produces a large number of cleaning tools for various industries, especially for the food industry - slaughterhouses, meat and fish processing plants, milk processing plants, beverage production, confectioneries, bakeries and HoReCa.



* The company pays special attention to color coding of cleaning utensils for the food industry. Products manufactured observe high standards of quality and durability in accordance with HACCP.



* Brush Hill continues to develop innovative solutions for food safety and quality considering all the various threats posed by current contamination and diseases. After intense research and development, Salmon Hygiene Technology product line continues to expand its range of high quality professional products in accordance with food safety rules specific to each various production environment.




Hygiene is a prerequisite



* Hygiene is a prerequisite in all modern factories in the food industry, imposed both by law and by consumers. Labor productivity must be optimized and the workers should have a hygienic working environment. These requirements can be difficult to achieve, but the best results can be obtained by thoroughly training the staff on the use of sanitation equipment and systems.

 Hygiene saves additional costs



* Hygiene influences both the working environment and public health. Poor hygiene may generate additional costs, a bad image / reputation on the market for sub-standard quality products. Hygiene can be achieved using standard procedures, such as:


  • Primary knowledge regarding microorganisms, their effects and how dangerous ones can be removed.
  • Proper cleaning methods, specially designed for the food industry.
  • Using ergonomic, high-quality cleaning tools, specially designed for the various spaces where the activity of the factory is conducted.
  • Ensuring that the workers are skilled when it comes to the proper use of cleaning tools, as well as risks associated with the lack of hygiene at the workplace.  



Importance of Food Safety


* After the outbreak of food-borne diseases worldwide in the early 1990s, attention was directed to food safety. This led to the implementation of food safety legislation such as the European Community Directive on Food Safety (1993), the European Community Directive no. 852/2004, laws which were continuously reviewed and improved. Generally speaking, the legislation aims clearly the observance of "all necessary measures to ensure the safety of all food" and at the same time requires that all persons involved in the production, packaging, transportation, storage, distribution, handling and advertising of foodstuffs (according to European Directive 93/43 Hygiene / EEC, Articles 2 and 3.2) should monitor compliance with these measures. Paying close attention to minimizing the risk of contamination should be a very clear objective.


* European regulation 852/2004 clearly defines that all equipment coming into contact with food are to be produced from quality materials, maintained, repaired and used properly to remove all contamination risks. It also clearly establishes that all factories in the Food Industry are to implement the “food quality management system".


How Salmon Hygiene Technology ensure an effective cleaning process


  • Rapid achievement of our goals.

  • Ergonomic products, easy to use and with a long lifespan.

  • Cleaning becomes easy.

  • Products available in nine colors to avoid cross contamination (HACCP).

  • Exceptional quality and durability.

  • Innovative products for problem areas.

  • Products withstand high temperatures.

  • A safe habitat.


Color Codes

Color codes help managers charged with implementing the HACCP regulation and avoids cross contamination. In the "Food hygiene" manual the use of various colors or shades is recommended to separate and secure the proper use of tools in more places than the ones that are specifically designated for.


"Salmon Hygiene" products are manufactured in a range of nine colors, including blue, green, red, white, yellow, orange, purple and black. Black monofilaments for all diameters can be used for most of brooms and brushes in case they are not produced according to the standards of certain products.


"Salmon Hygiene" technology does not designate the default colors for the various areas of activity in the factories, but instead leaves it up to managers to determine where they will be used.






The HACCP system is a system based on prevention to help food manufacturers to eliminate potential hazards and critical points throughout the production chain. Identification of critical points requires predetermined steps and procedures in the various areas of the production process in order to prevent any danger of contamination. European regulation 852/2004 clearly defines that "production processes must implement and follow procedures based on HACCP norms."


The safest choice


"Salmon Hygiene" technology offers a wide range of cleaning equipments, produced specifically for the sensitive areas in terms of hygiene present in the food industry.



The Resin-Set DRS® system

Brushes manufactured by the Salmon Hygiene Company are produced to the highest standards and have the advantage of durability.

Hill Brush Company has developed a revolutionary retentive filament for the range brushes called Dual Retention System or DRS.

The Dual Retention System is superior to all the other methods currently used.



Antimicrobial cleaning

The products in this range contain a unique additive based on silver ions which eliminates 99% of microbial contamination, including the E. Coli bacteria.

Used in accordance with standard cleaning procedures they inhibit the growth and multiplication of a wide variety of bacteria, mold, etc.




Antistatic tools and metal detectors

This range includes hand tools such as plastic scrapers, dustpans etc. The production lines have metal detectors and any part of these tools will be detected by the metal detectors, thus facilitating an immediate removal and later that certain product will be quarantined.


The special ingredient used in the casting process of these hand tools allows them to be detected by the metal detectors and also provides the antistatic effect as a result of its properties. These hand tools are best used in areas where there is a risk of fire (electrical discharge is zero) with an energy coefficient of less than 0.25 millijoules.




  • low costs and guaranteed results
  • we have products, we certainly have solutions
  • protect the environment by using biodegradable products with minimal impact on the environment
  • protecting people involved in cleaning - ensuring appropriate safety equipment and training of the staff involved
  • protect your investment, we recommend cleaning agents that are compatible with the production equipment  in accordance with exiting standards
  • compliance with HACCP standards throughout the whole food production process


  • free  guidance throughout the collaboration
  • identifying critical points throughout the whole food production process and during all sanitation and production stages, from raw materials to final consumer, establishing the necessary hygiene conditions and measures for safe food production in accordance with HACCP norms
  • free training and instructing employees how to avoid microbiological cross contamination – we create trace records, intervene in a timely manner in the cleaning and sanitation process and train all the involved staff
  • sanitation plans and work procedures according to current regulations


  • to treat every customer with respect, courtesy and honesty
  • to provide assistance and after-sales service to satisfy the most demanding needs of our partners
  • to offer professional cleaning products of the highest quality at the most attractive prices
  • to promote products that are safe for the environment